Have you noticed the leaves on your tree are browning? Browning foliage in the colder months is typically due to frost. It generally does not mean that your tree is dying but instead are dormant which helps the tree survive the winter. So why are are your leaves changing color in the summer? Here are three likely causes and tips on how you can get your leaves looking green again…

Damage from Insects & Disease

Many insects make themselves at home in the foliage of trees and other plants; the leaves serve as both food and shelter. While most only mildly impact your trees health, some can be quite harmful and cause some serious damage to the leaves and trunk. Prior to treating your tree for pests and disease, you should first determine the exact cause of discoloration. You might be able to go out and assess the situation yourself but if you want assistance, the experts at Keeping It Green are ready to help. We can determine the disease and give you the best treatment options that can return your tree’s foliage back to a beautiful green state.

Excessive Sun Exposure

When trees are overexposed to sunlight, the leaves are essentially scorched which can cause them to turn brown in the warmer months. There are several contributing factors can make the tree more susceptible to being damaged by the sun, these include: being over fertilized, damage to the roots, strong winds, and dehydration. Younger trees are more likely to experience leaf scorch, so it is better to avoid planting in the heat of the summer. Choosing a location where there is some shade during the day can also keep your leaves from turning brown as a result of excessive exposure to the sun.

Not Enough Water

Dehydration is another reason that leaves may brown in the summer. There are ways to avoid and treat dehydration rather easily. Young trees and ones that have been recently planted will require a substantial amount of watering, so you must be sure to keep the soil at the base of your tree moist. To help make this process easier, you may choose to set up an irrigation system for your trees. Don’t want to do that? Use a water hose to water them daily. Both methods will help keep your trees hydrated when it’s hot outside and can help avoid browning due to lack of water. Just as quick as your trees can become dehydrated, they can also become over-watered. If you notice that your leaves are turning yellow or are drooping, avoid watering your trees for 2 or 3 days or until the soil around the tree has dried and the leaves have begun to perk up.

Keep Your Trees Green

If you’re experiencing any tree related issues, the experts at Keeping It Green are ready to help you bring them back to their full potential. From routine tree maintenance, to treating disease, and total tree removal, we can provide you with the assistance you need.

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